Unique land use

Forest management, timber value chain development, business case definition, due diligence and impact monitoring

Unique land use is an investment advisory and consulting firm for forestry and agriculture. The firm develops and implements intelligent land use strategies aimed at sustainable and inclusive development.

The in-depth technical and business expertise based on its:

  • team of 60-in-house experts;
  • global reach related to more than 1,000 assignments over the last 20 years; and
  • operations experience.

In Paraguay, Unique is the manager of 20,000 hectares of FSC® certified forests with an asset value of USD 70 million.


Meet the team

Leif Nutto

Leif Nutto

Leif Nutto is the senior forestry advisor of FCCF.

Leif has been working for more than 25 years in commercial forestry related to forest planning, management and timber processing. He worked 9 years in Brazil for the leading forest companies with a focus on improving production and cost benchmarks.

For FCCF he analysed 56 investment opportunities since 2016 and prepared successfully 8 investments. Leif has a PhD in forestry and timber processing.

Timm Tennigkeit

Timm Tennigkeit

Timm Tennigkeit is the Managing Director of Unique land use and provides management oversight for the FCCF investments.

Timm has more than 25 years of experiences developing and implementing investments related to forestry and natural climate solutions. He works with private and public investments at the interface between climate protection and sustainable land use. Timm’s background is in forestry, agribusiness and carbon asset development. He has a PhD in forestry, with a specialisation in tropical forest restoration and management.