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Semi-annual report

Our semi-annual report presents the activities and the financial statements as of the 30/09/2023 and in this edition, we are looking at Woodpecker in Costa Rica and how they contribute to a stronger community with quality wood products.

FCCF makes two post-Covid investments in Guatemala

Following the period of disruption caused by Covid-19, the Fund has built two new partnerships in Guatemala with the forest management company Forestal Naj-Ché and the Carmelita forest community.

About our investments

Our mission: Investing in business models for the restoration of tropical forests

We believe the sustainable management of degraded and secondary forests can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

About the mitigation of climate change

A strong network of partners in Latin America

FCCF does more than simply providing financing. We work with our partners to support innovation in forest management, business models and wood value chains, to help small and medium sized forest owners and forest communities to receive more benefits from their forests.

About our partners

Our Theory of Change

Natural Capital

SDF of local forest owners are under management and deforestation rates are reduced. Active management improves forest growth, biodiversity value, species composition and carbon stocks.

Wood Value Chains

Sustainable value chains for SDF wood develop. Value chains finance the sustainable management of SDF and renumerate forest owners in line with opportunity costs.

Equity & Inclusion

The value generation in the SDF value chain is distributed, fairly, including to small and medium forest owners and local & indigenous communities. The share of women in the investee workforce increases.

FCCF in figures

Natural Capital

10,511 ha Area of SDF secured for management
108,463 tCO2 Carbon sequestration (cumulative)

Value Chains

39,134 m3 Total volume of timber produced
29 Lesser known species commercialised

Equity & Inclusion

7 Communities directly and/or indirectly impacted
8 Small and medium-size forest owners
128 Full time equivalent jobs created
15% Female employees
93% of people employed from the local communities

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