Rigourous measurement system

Assessment is critical to verifying that the Fund and its projects are progressing towards the impact envisaged by the Theory of Change. The Fund ensures that managing investments with an impact focus is integrated into its processes. One key component to this is assessing and monitoring our investments. Together with our partners, we have developed a robust impact measurement framework which corresponds to the three core pillars defined in the Theory of Change.

Impact measurement

Natural Capital

$3.01m committed to sustainable forest management
6,270 ha Area of SDF secured for management
3xFSC forest management certification achieved
26,750 tCO2 sequestration of greenhouse gases (comulative)

Wood Value Chains

$6.07m committed to value chain companies
5xFSC chain of custody certification
28,231 m3 roundwood volume processed to date
$1,807,000 group revenue to date
29 lesser-known species commercialised

Equity & Inclusion

81 jobs created
17% of employees are female
73% of people employed from the communities
6 communities directly and/or indirectly impacted
6 landowners FCCF invested in