Why we like sloths

sloth logo

How did a sloth wander into your logo?
When you are operating in Central America, you will find that sloths do make their way everywhere. You can find them hanging around in the forest, outside your hotel, in the palm trees by the beach… In fact, wherever there are trees, you might find a sloth lumbering around, so it did not surprise us to find that a sloth had ambled into the logo into the website. Unfortunately, several types of sloth are endangered and habitat loss is common as a result of deforestation and human population growth. Our Fund’s efforts to promote biodiversity and restoration may mean that our sloth has somewhere more comfortable than our logo to live soon!

Aren’t sloths terribly lazy?
That is not the right way to look at it at all…Their name might mean laziness, and they might sleep for 15 hours a day, but it is just a question of having a different perspective. Sloths have a diet of leaves, twigs and buds and digest it over the course of days. They have a very slow metabolism, but this is exactly what is needed when you are spending the days in forests. Change happens slowly in forests – you need a long-term perspective to support their sustainable development and we have a lot to learn from the sloth. The longer we can invest and support our projects, the more chance there is for restoration to occur and for forests to bring about benefits for the environment and for local communities…including, of course, the local sloth communities. We admire the long-term mindset that a sloth has.

Does your sloth have 2 toes or 3 toes?
Our sloth has 3 toes… The 3 toed sloths may have the extra digit, but they are smaller than two-toed sloths and have more ribs. Surprisingly two and three toed sloths are surprisingly distant relatives – it took many years of evolution for the two-toed sloth to lose its additional finger. We think a three-toed sloth feels at home in our Fund because we realise that small things can make a big difference! Our investments may not be large scale, but our work is already making a considerable difference.