Impact management

FCCF was an early signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management in August 2019.

As a signatory of the Impact Principles, the Fund has chosen to publicly demonstrate its commitment to implementing a global standard for managing investments for impact. The 9 Principles revolve around 5 key areas which support funds in mapping their impact throughout their investment process.

The Fund’s disclosure statement – which indicates how it complies with the 9 Principles can be accessed on the link on the bottom of the page.

The Fund worked with Luminis Advisors to undertake an independent verification of its compliance with the Principles in August 2021. This was a very important step, as it was the first time that the Fund had undertaken an independent verification of its impact processes.

In terms of conclusions, it has been very useful for the Fund to conduct this process. It has enabled the Fund to consider how its impact approach should evolve as the Fund enters into its more mature phases.