Our Investments

FCCF invests in a diversified portfolio of forestry companies, community forestry entities and owners of small forests, who focus on the management of secondary and degraded forests, and other entities which support the development of these forests value chains.

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Conjunto Predial

Nuevo Bécal, Campeche, Mexico

Conjunto Predial is a company established within the Ejido (community area) Nuevo Bécal, belonging to the Municipality of Calakmul, State of Campeche in Mexico.

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In the Woods by Fundecor (discontinued)

San José, Costa Rica

In the Woods by Fundecor was incorporated in October 2019 as the product development company of the joint venture between Fundecor and FCCF, focused on decking and paneling from lesser-known species….

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Cooperativa Carmelita (successfully exited)

San Andrés, Petén, Guatemala

Cooperativa Carmelita is a leading forest community in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. FCCF is a provider of working capital to the community…

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Forestal Naj-Ché

Flores, Petén – Guatemala

The company Forestal Naj-Ché was founded in 2022 to develop sustainable forest management models for privately and communally owned secondary or degraded forests in Northern Guatemala….

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Izabal Wood Company

Buenos Aires, Izabal, Guatemala

Izabal Wood Company (IWC) was founded as a response to the relentless destruction of the Atlantic lowland forests in northeastern Guatemala driven by ranching, agribusiness and urban expansion…

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Woodpecker de Nandayuré

Nandayure, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Woodpecker de Nandayuré is a wood-processing company focused on excellent sustainable tropical wood products for markets in Costa Rica, Central America and beyond…

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Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles

San José, San José, Costa Rica

FCCF initiated a project in collaboration with Mr. Nestor Baltodano, a local businessman in Costa Rica dedicated to sustainable forest management who represents Sustainable Forest Operations (OFS).

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Simplemente Madera Marketplace (discontinued)

Managua, Nicaragua – Central America

Simplemente Madera Marketplace (SMM) was created in 2017 with the aim of developing inclusive value chains for timber derived from secondary and degraded forests in Nicaragua. The venture is discontinued…

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Fundecor Bosques (discontinued)

Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

Conceived by Fundación Fundecor, the leading environmental NGO in Costa Rica, Fundecor Bosques is an enabler of sustainable wood value chains for small and medium sized forest owners…

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Naturaleza Para la Vida (discontinued)

Petén, Guatemala

The Fundación Naturaleza para la Vida (NPV) is a non-profit organisation operating in Northern Guatemala…

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