Forestal Naj-Ché

Forestal Naj-Ché
Flores, Petén - Guatemala

The company Forestal Naj-Ché S.A. was created in 2022 dedicated to the development of a sustainable forest sector involving private and communal owned secondary or degraded forests in the department of the Petén in Northern Guatemala, as a mechanism to ensure their long-term conservation.

The company aims to increase the forests’ financial, socio-economic and environmental value through the implementation of active forest management models and the generation of added value timber products. The aim is a profitable economic activity benefitting the forest owners and motivate long term restoration of the secondary and degraded forests in the region.

Shortly after its creation Naj-Ché already counts with 3,000 ha of forests under management and looks at an ambitious scaling plan to reach 10,000 ha within 3 years. Naj-Ché’s forest management model start with a complete census of trees in a forest and the development of a sustainable management and intervention plan based on the collected data. In forest areas with a high degree of degradation, Naj-Ché develops specific, long-term forest restoration plans.

Naj-Ché’s commercial arm is dedicated to identifying niche markets for the multitude of commercial and potentially commercial species, almost all of which qualify as lesser-known-species.

FCCF supports Naj-Ché through a mix of equity and debt instruments facilitating the company’s growth.