Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles

Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles
San José, San José, Costa Rica

FCCF initiated a project in collaboration with a team of young local foresters, in Costa Rica  dedicated to sustainable forest management who represents Sustainable Forest Operations (OFS).

OFS proposes a management solution to the owners of secondary forests in the Guanacaste region which is located in northwestern Costa Rica. This province is rich in semi-humid to dry tropical forests, which were exploited until the 1970s. With the end of the exploitation of natural forests, the associated knowledge and processing facilities disappeared.

The entity covers a range of management activities, such as:

  • management plans;
  • day-to-day forest management;
  • exploitation of crops and primary transformations through mobile sawmills;
  • transportation to customers, and;
  • organize the sale process under a profit-sharing agreement with the landowners.

As mentioned above, OFS provides the necessary structure to sustainably conserve and manage secondary forests, which are subject to ongoing forest degradation. The management of these forests expands the forest area around the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Area, which has been declared a world heritage site by the UN due to its high biodiversity.

Video about OFS and BluWood

OFS website

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