Woodpecker de Nandayuré

Woodpecker de Nandayuré
Nandayure, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Woodpecker de Nandayuré is a wood-processing company focused on excellent sustainable tropical wood products for markets in Costa Rica, Central America and beyond. Woodpecker is led by a dynamic management team consisting of José María Torra Castells (CEO) and José Francisco Bolanos (COO), both shareholders of the company together with the FCCF. Woodpecker maintains a large wood processing factory in the rural Nandayuré region of Costa Rica, creating employment and opportunities in a less developed part of the country.

Woodpecker is also pioneering concepts for the integration of small craftsmen in the tropical wood value chains and the payment of fair timber prices.
The Woodpecker investment is a new start with a new management team for FCCF’s previous BluWood Industries investment.