Fundecor Bosques (discontinued)

Fundecor Bosques (discontinued)
Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

Fundación Fundecor, a leading environmental NGO in Costa Rica with more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable forest management in the region created, jointly with FCCF, Fundecor Bosques S.A. in March 2020. Fundecor Bosques inscribes in the Fundations programme of Good Wood! or Buena Madera!:

“Buena Madera seeks to guarantee wood for the future, to give true value to environmentally and socially responsible wood that comes out of Costa Rica´s Payment for Environmental Services. They explicitly address technical inefficiencies and seek to deliver an exceptional product to the final consumer.”

Fundecor Bosques business model is to assist the multitude of small and medium sized forest owners in the Sarapiqui region in Eastern Costa Rica to manage their forests sustainably and link timber production to reliable and fair value chains. Fundecor Bosques works in a chain starting with the forest owner and their long relationship with Fundacion Fundecor, the development pf management plans, the sustainable harvesting of timber, its transformation by local SMEs and the identification of local and international buyers of these lesser-known species. Fundecor Bosque’s core mission is to organize the value chain so that it generates sufficient income to allow sustainable forest management and compensate owners.

Fundecor Boques has close relationship with its sister company, In the Woods by Fundecor, which develops final products based on the lesser-known wood species found in the Sarapiqui region.

FCCF finances Fundecor Bosques through a range of equity and debt instruments.

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