Fundecor Bosques

Fundecor Bosques
Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

Founded in partnership withthe  Fundación Fundecor, a leading environmental NGO in Costa Rica with more than 20 years’ experience in sustainable forest management in the region, Fundecor Bosques business model is focused on forest management services for degraded and secondary forests in the Sarapiqui in the eastern region of Costa Rica.

The entity functions as a technical intermediary creating management plans and sub-contracting labour intensive work such as harvesting and primary transformation of wood products. Revenues are generated through a margin between purchased and sold wood and by identifying and developing markets for lesser known timber species.

To achieve its goals, Fundecor Bosques arranges management plans and permits, organises harvesting, and primary transformation and marketing. The milling is outsourced to a local family enterprise where the entity has financed the upgrading of their equipment under a dry lease scheme.

Fundecor Bosques is in the process of obtaining a FSC Chain of Custody certification and relied on Fundación Fundecor’s FSC Group Certification to work in a fully certified value chain.

The entity has 4,400 ha of forests identified, mainly held by small forest owners through 80 – 150 individual properties (30 – 55ha average size, smallest as low as 9ha). Fundecor Bosques targets this manged areas with a sustainable output production of 9,000 m3 of round wood.

Their key achieved milestones are:

  • First approved large-scale secondary forest management plan in Costa Rica (Earth University forest)
  • Diversified local market for construction timber
  • Profitable from first year of operations
  • Higher than expected timber yield in primary transformation


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