In the Woods

In the Woods
San José, Costa Rica

In the Woods by Fundecor S.A. (“ITW”) was incorporated in October 2019 as the industrial part of the joint venture between Fundecor and FCCF.  Located in Guanacaste as one of the key players in the industrial cluster of the region, In the Woods offers professional services for optimisation of commercialisation of products generated by sustainable management of forests and their ecosystems and. The main activity of the company is focused on the sale of wood finish products: solid wood, solid wood flooring and decks; including the production of panels and other decorative applications for DIY stores.

In the Woods addresses one of the key supply challenges that sustainable forest management faces by the development of new products and solutions based on native local species. The commercialisation of these less known species is relevant to degraded and secondary forests as they are considerably abundant and have the potential to generate economic value as replacement of more commercial but non local alternatives.  ITW’s product range is built to optimes yield and use of different quality grades while generating profitable margins.

ITW industrial operations, include grading, planning and drying and secondary transformation to the described product range using the machinery available at the industrial cluster facility of its siter company, BluWood. The company supports local employment achieving a very high female ratio in total employment to support an inclusive business model.

Recently the company raised further capital to sustain its development and develop marketing and commercialisation in international markets.